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Sales performance with industrial data science

What is the secret to outstanding sales performance? An exceptional sales strategy combined with innovative AI-based industrial data science methods.

Industrial data science and portfolio mining for fly-by-wire sales management - is it possible?

What is the secret to outstanding sales performance? Sales Automation - High Performing virtual Sales Machines are buzzwords that are on everyone's lips! But how can you really achieve this?

Yesterday, we at RIM had the pleasure of meeting Sascha Niederhagen, CEO of BEKO TECHNOLOGIESto be able to discuss this topic. BEKO is an insider tip, an up-and-coming component manufacturer with enormous potential that has managed to multiply its order intake despite challenging market conditions. 

At RIM, we are involved in industrial research activities with AI-based Industrial Data Science. One focus is portfolio mining, i.e. the ability to precisely and prescriptively detect the respective product portfolio, its behavior and the reasons for it. Portfolio mining has two core aspects: Firstly, the portfolio affects the market and secondly, the market induces complexity into the portfolio and the (digital) supply chain. 

Our vision is nothing less than to realize a fly-by-wire control of the distribution of component manufacturers that enables high performance even in challenging market conditions. 

You may laugh and think that's not possible? We think the opposite! We are convinced that it is not only possible, but not that difficult. 

Sascha Niederhagen summarized this very nicely yesterday in a story by his sales mentor: If you are standing in front of a forest of coconut trees, you can shoot into it with a shotgun. You will get coconuts. But that is not sales! Real sales is that you take the sniper rifle, select the coconuts you want and then get them precisely from the tree. 

This is where the crucial combination comes in - exceptional sales strategy combined with innovative AI-based industrial data science methods. The hunter must precisely understand the behavior of his prey and its needs. Once he has caught the prey, he will succeed again. Success is reproducible! 

The behavior of your customers can now be determined much more precisely from your data than you might think. The information is also available in your IT systems. It lies dormant unnoticed. Entire customer journeys can be detected, successful and unsuccessful paths can be distinguished. With freely available information, similar customers can be found. Success can be reproduced. 

Well, as is so often the case, I have to keep the text somewhat superficial at this point so as not to give too much away. Nevertheless, the high-performance virtual sales machine and the possibilities of controlling sales fly-by-wire are not only possible, especially for component manufacturers, but much easier than you might think.

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