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Discover our portfolio - our seminars convey precise and practical methodical essences of the different knowledge domains

Our Academy Portfolio

Our seminars and workshops, which are held by Top experts provide you with the necessary knowledge in the respective knowledge domains and advance not only your company, but also you personally. We are constantly developing our portfolio and will be happy to work with you to design an offer that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Furthermore, we currently have the following offers:

Complex Made Easy

The goal

We explain methodical domain knowledge (e.g. PLM, ERP and MES, IoT) holistically on a continuous, reality-comparable example (for PLM e.g. from the definition of requirements to the planning of production) including hands-on feeling on the IT system.

Our special approach

The basis for our Complex Made Easy series is our methodical knowledge level, which makes the complex interrelationships of the domains understandable and communicable. Building on this, we have created real-life examples and implemented them in common IT solutions (e.g. Teamcenter, SAP PLM and CIM Database). This allows you to experience the basics of working in a specialist domain hands-on. You can look forward to application-oriented use cases and real-life case studies.

Your benefit

After participation...

  • understand the thinking behind the respective domain (e.g. PLM, ERP, MES) and can decide which aspects are important for your concerns.
  • Know strong and practical explanatory models of the subject domain.
  • overview the business processes involved in their entirety.
  • you can name the individual tasks of the different domains and explain their purpose.
Bookable seminars:

PLM Complex Made Easy

Experience Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Breathtaking subject matter, incredible automation, release processes like dropping an anchor, and a beguiling process flow! Controlling a complete PLM by yourself is like a revelation for enthusiasts - hunting over the core PLM use cases, experiencing them as in best practice reality, is an absolute MUST for every engineer! Discover the formula for limitless fun and real challenge! Get to know PLM from its wackiest, but also best side, mediated by top experts.

You panic before each use case, but only because these processes go wrong so often in your company.
Experience how use cases that seemed so hard come off as light as a feather and feel like the hard work was pure pleasure.

RIM-Academy the other way to learn business processes - book now!

Essentials Series

The goal

The main aim of the Essentials series is to provide experts with a condensed overview of exactly the knowledge of related domains that is important to them. We focus on all areas relating to digitalization, in particular PLM, ERP and MES.

Our special approach

We have created a level of knowledge transfer that abstracts complex relationships in reality in a way that is understandable and technology-neutral. This level of knowledge transfer is precisely linked to real applications. In this way, we create a completely new way of communicating complex content related to digitization.

This is complemented by a system of precise maps that contours a basic order of digitization.

Bookable seminars:

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digitalization & Information Architecture (DAS DIA) - a Shaolin Monastery for Digitalization


The requirements for consultants in digitization have changed fundamentally.

Whereas in the past consultants were often pure technicians with little knowledge of the relevant industry processes who were told what to do by the respective customer, today they are expected to: understand the essential ACTUAL enterprise processes, know the best-in-class end-to-end processes, design the associated information architecture, explain it in an understandable way, and be able to implement it in the various IT systems that exist or are to be implemented.

In order to meet these requirements, top consultants today need a fundamentally different skills profile and completely different consulting methods than before.

Aim of the training

The aim of the DAS DIA is therefore to elevate experienced practitioners and consultants in the field of digitization to a future level of capability.

Our special approach

To this end, the DAS DIA imparts in-depth knowledge of all digitization-relevant business processes in various industries, and teaches completely new methods for analysis and implementation. The assurance of quality and knowledge growth is practiced through practical application in real situations with accompanying coaching and secured via a final exam.

The DAS DIA is based on specially developed methods from the RIM High Performing Method and Knowledge Machine. The curriculum was developed by Prof. Dr. Martin Eigner and Prof. Dr. Jörg W. Fischer and is largely taught by the two professors.

Your benefit
  • Deep understanding of relevant industry processes from different domains and industries
  • Knowledge and ability to apply completely new methods and tools, with the help of which they can understand complex topics much better and present them much more precisely.
  • Ability to systematically analyze processes
  • Capability for methodical solution design
  • Enabling personality positioning
  • A neutral, high-quality certification the Diploma of Advanced Studies from Steinbeis+Akademie

Bookable seminars:

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digitalization & Information Architecture (DAS DIA)


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