Our range of services

In times of change and increasing complexity, companies are influenced not only by a wide range of technological influences but also by constantly changing customer needs and general market conditions. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to act precisely within these highly dynamic environmental conditions and to cope with the increasing level of complex influences. Thus, it is of great importance for companies to react quickly, precisely and sustainably to these changes, not only currently, but also in the long term, in order to position themselves in the best possible way within these highly dynamic environmental conditions. We are happy to support you in this process with our consulting services.

Achieve more with our range of services

Strategy Consulting

We help your company achieve the agility it needs. Our methods allow us to read your company and accurately identify the current state. We accompany you throughout the entire process of strategy design.

Process & method consulting

Our consulting helps you to further develop your main and management processes. In doing so, we provide your teams with powerful methods individually adapted to your needs and help you to use them successfully.

IT Consulting

Through our modular construction kit within IT consulting, we support you in designing a modern IT structure to master all tasks and requirements arising in your company in the future.

Industrial Data Science

With our IDS methods, we not only create a deep understanding for the analysis of your company data, but also ask the right questions in complex contexts and track down hidden potential.

We support you with the implementation: RIM-Intension to Execute X

With RIM-Intension to Execute X, we have created a framework that structures the implementation of any digitization topic from the initial idea to successful implementation in simple, actionable steps.

How we quickly start together

You recognize your problem in our explanations? Would you like to benefit immediately from our extensive experience? Then let's get started now!

RIM High Performing Method & Knowledge Machine

To survive in the digital world, your company needs highly aggregated, precise knowledge on relevant topics such as digitalization, PLM, ERP and product management, Modularizationsales strategies, customer journey management, AI and industrial data science. In addition, methods and tools for the implementation of these topics should be available. Unfortunately, it is not easy for companies to obtain this knowledge free of marketing and sales in its pure core extract so that business decisions and actions can be derived directly from it. 

With this in mind, we have developed the RIM High Performing Method & Knowledge Machine. It provides both the necessary knowledge and the tools and methods for companies.

Your advantages

Individual advice

STZ-RIM offers you sound advice and support within your business processes, tailored to your individual needs, and is your sparring partner in the areas of PLM, digitalization, Industry 4.0, AI, industrial data science and IT.

Sustainable process optimization

Together we build a culture of change in your company. For each improvement measure, you need tools and methods, which we are happy to provide in the form of our modular construction kit.

Clear and precise concepts

A concept helps to link measures to goals and relate them to each other so that they do not contradict each other in their effect. It is a planning document that serves to reduce risks. The more precisely the objectives are formulated in the concept, the easier it is to check whether they have been achieved. The success of the joint work thus becomes demonstrable.

Sustainable alignment

Dealing with dynamics and complexity requires a new way of thinking about value creation. The development of technical possibilities and requirements necessitates new work structures as well as the further development of business models. A future-proof orientation enables the organization to develop further.

Targeted strategy development

The targeted strategy development requires the management to deal with the change of the company and requires determined action and a strong will to implement. We are happy to be your partner and support you in your strategy development and implementation.

Solution of complex tasks

We support you in solving complex tasks in order to maintain the high innovation speed of your company. To do this, we find the most important goal, get an overview and bring the complex task to an abstract level. In the end, it is what you focus on that gains in importance.