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Are you wondering what the IT of the future will look like? And how must an IT department be located and organized within the company?
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The changing times, and in particular the advent of cloud technology, are not leaving IT departments unscathed. The tasks of corporate IT are changing dramatically.

Not long ago, many IT departments saw their job as taking care of infrastructure and laptops and making sure the ERP was running. IT departments that are set up in this way will come under enormous pressure. There are a number of reasons for this. In the future, many of the IT applications will be moved to the Cloud migrate. This means that traditional IT tasks are no longer required. In addition, IT security will play an increasingly important role. 

Die in den Prozessen erzeugten Informationen als zentrales Asset eines Unternehmens zu managen und zu schützen, wird eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben einer modernen IT werden. Hieraus leitet sich eine weitere zukünftige Kernaufgabe ab: Die richtigen Informationen, um Produkte und Leistungen definieren und produzieren zu können zum richtigen Zeitpunkt zur Verfügung zu haben, und dies ohne die ständige semantische Transformation dieser durch eine Vielzahl von Menschen. Hierfür ist eine durchgängige Informationsarchitektur dringend notwendig, die in einer Vielzahl von IT-Komponenten und Systemen wie z. B. PLM, ERP, MOM, MES, CPQ, etc. eingebettet ist.

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We help you to set up your corporate IT in such a way that it is equipped for future tasks. To this end, we work with you to design a suitable organizational structure and develop modern IT processes that are up to the challenges of the future. In addition, we help to sustainably anchor processes and mechanisms for the further development of your organization through information technology in the company.

What makes us special

Finding the right balance for IT has currently become very difficult. With a strong partner at your side who can easily provide support and guidance when needed, the path is paved to a high-performance IT department within your company that will continue to make a significant contribution to the success of the entire company in the future.

The essential components of our construction kit within IT consulting are processes, methods and preconceived structures with which it is easily possible to design a modern IT department. These range from classic processing concepts such as the harbor master principle or FIFO to the channeling of the often hidden IT further development via ticket system to the implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) and the anchoring of agile organizational development.

IT Consulting

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