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Based on your strategy, you have defined fields of action that you want to work on and where you want to develop your company. The next step is to define these areas more precisely and make them workable. This involves formulating concrete, topic-related guiding principles and objectives and the content of the implementation projects. In order to be successful in implementation, it is important to have the relevant know-how as well as the necessary methods and tools for the respective process and specialist domains. We are happy to support you in the area of process consulting and method consulting. 

Our solutions

This is where our consulting services come in. We have the know-how as well as the necessary methods and tools of all essential process and specialist domains in companies and support you in the implementation.

We deliver from the "all-inclusive package", in which we take the lead and instruct your employees through learning by doing, to sporadic support, exactly what you need at that moment.

We can support you as a sparring partner, organize topic-specific method workshops together with you, conduct analyses in the context of a specific project or develop the necessary concepts or Alpha Edition solutions for you. Furthermore, we assist in the technology search, accompany and support the introduction and implementation. With our Health Checks, we precisely analyze the situation in your project and make your status quo clear.

Enclosed are some exemplary questions that are relevant for companies today:

How do we implement modularization in the company and how must production be designed in order to also draw the essence of modularization?

Which customer-experience capabilities along the Customer Journey in B2B do we need and how can we implement them?

How do we get resilience and sustainability into our supply chains?

How can omnichannel sales be set up in a meaningful way?

Which digital twin do we need in the company and when?

How can PLM and MES help us achieve our business goals?

Which process pattern (STO, CTO, CTO+, ETO) do we need in the future to be successful and how do we implement them?

What does a PLM multi-structure concept for the process patterns look like and how must EBOM, MBOM, etc. be implemented?

How do we establish continuous cross-system end-to-end processes in ERP, PLM, MES and CRM?

At which points in our processes do we need configuration, where does a CPQ system sit, where the configurator, and how does design automation actually work?

What makes us special

In order to help companies to be successful and competitive in the long term, individual methods adapted to the customer are required, not standard solutions. We see ourselves not only as pioneers of digital performance, but also as a research-based consultancy that thereby incorporates long-tested methods from research and transfer in addition to our own innovative approaches.

Together with you, we want to make new topics relevant to you visible and help you sustainably implement your digitization. Our analysis methods allow us to determine precisely where you stand. This makes your strengths, weaknesses and, above all, the unique DNA of your company visible. Our philosophy is to work with you to turn your weaknesses into strengths, as well as to help you identify your strengths and develop them in a targeted manner. We are convinced that the recognition and targeted further development of the unique DNA of the respective company is one, if not the central key in company development.

Process & method consulting

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