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Discover Industrial Data Science - Identify and leverage the hidden value of data

As part of our RIM Knowledge webinar series, we will take you on a journey into the universe of data and discover with you the possibilities of RIM Industrial Data Science. 

Our Industrial Data Science expert shows you how you can use RIM Industrial Data Science (IDS) to extract valuable insights from your IT ticket system and test its resilience to uncontrolled customizing.

Picture of Katharina Fischer

Katharina Fischer

IDS Consultant

product development process

Do you actually know the path of your information through the product development process?

Learn how to easily visualize your information flow with the help of RIM Progression Maps in our online shortcut. In 30 minutes, our experts explain to you what really matters. 

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Picture of Boudewijn Drosterij

Boudewijn Drosterij

PLM Consultant