Hermle hybrid construction kit

Hybrid modular system and CTO+ king case

How a hybrid modular system can achieve a quantum leap in process capability for CTO+.

How a hybrid modular system takes process capability for CTO+ from machine builders to the next level.

Yesterday we from RIM were at the HERMLE AG. HERMLE is one of, if not THE leading machine manufacturer. Even when I was a student, I was impressed by the unique machine tools and over the years I have been fascinated by them. University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe accompanied. 

That's why we were particularly pleased to be at HERMLE yesterday. We discussed how to achieve a quantum leap in process capability for CTO+.

The aim is to be able to offer and deliver both CTO machines and CTO+ systems consisting of a combination of several machines in the shortest possible time.

It is necessary to be able to precisely control the growth of the modular system, i.e. the plus part of the CTO+, and to be able to expand it with ETO components at any time.

In order to achieve short delivery times, low costs and precise cost control, it is necessary for a hybrid modular system to be largely industrialized.

We were very pleased to see how well our hybrid modular approach harmonized with HERMLE's requirements and objectives.

I was particularly pleased that one of our former HKA graduates is now at HERMLE and has become an outstanding architect for digitalization and information architecture.

There is no better way to spend a workshop day like this. We look forward to working with HERMLE to bring the hybrid modular approach to life and thus to implement the CTO+ use case. 

What do you think? How do you solve your CTO+ case and where do you see the decisive levers for its implementation?

Want to find out more about how a hybrid modular system can be implemented? Here you can find our suitable Whitepaper.

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