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Corporate strategy and digitalization

Is digitalization derived directly from the corporate strategy? Theoretically certainly, but what does it look like in industrial practice?

Digitalization must be derived directly from the corporate strategy!

Do you agree with the statement? Definitely. But what does it look like in industrial practice?

Here are some examples of strategy topics that we are currently experiencing and outlining in C-level discussions. These include

🌍 Internationalization and verticalization of sales channels and the targeted breaking of industry-standard structures,

🔄 Contouring of the basic logic: customer - customer application - solution - value proposition - product,

🔗 Systems business and, as a result, the establishment of an international and cross-company development network,

⏱️ The ability to deliver highly variant products at short notice,

🔄 The effective management of the supply chain, especially under challenging conditions, e.g.

🔍 compliance with the Supply Chain Sustainability Act, management for a high level of sustainability or the

💹 Precise financial management with high market dynamics.

Now, how do these affect corporate strategy and digitalization? The answer is that introducing CRM, ERP or PLM (or one of their modules), for example, is not the right answer! As you can see, it's not that simple.

Last week we were in this context at KEUCO. A unique company that succeeds in transforming the bathroom into a space of personal well-being. KEUCO, a medium-sized company that manages to perfectly combine aesthetics and function and also the link between traditional entrepreneurship and modern, internationally active companies.

Together, we are working on transforming the strategy elements into structural specifications in order to derive a time series of actionable fields of activity. We at STZ-RIM see this task as a key to digitalization.

We have therefore developed our method of RIM-Company Cubing developed. RIM-Company Cubing is the Google Maps for companies.

The discussions at KEUCO were great and we are looking forward to our journey together. It was incredibly inspiring.

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