ERP Essentials for PLM Experts

Smart, precise and practical

Background and motivation

The seminar conveys the important methodical essences of the knowledge domain ERP with SAP to experts from the adjacent knowledge domain PLM in a smart, precise and practically effective way. A seminar perfectly tailored to PLM experts.

After attending the seminar, you will understand how SAP works. All topics are memorable, practical and useful selected.

Seminar Objective

ERP systems, and SAP in particular, function quite differently from PLM systems. The way of thinking and the application differ greatly from the usual and familiar procedure in the PLM universe. The aim of the seminar is therefore to convey the essential SAP ERP essences for the PLM expert in a concise and simple manner, so that they can be understood in no time and used directly in the project or daily business.


Day 1:
  • Introduction to the ERP idea
  • Basic terms PLM and ERP using the example of SAP
  • SAP interface, transactions, procedure and customizing
  • Master and transaction data
  • Organizational structures in SAP: sales area and plant
  • Factory industrialization of material
    • Material master incl. lifecycle
    • Views and material statuses in SAP as a result of industrialization
Day 2:
  • BOMs and bills of material in SAP
    • RIM Product Structure Theory
      Logical/logistic, MBOM, EBOM, KBOM, pBOM, MRP-capable BOM, MCAD-BOM
    • Bills of material in SAP vs. structures in PLM
    • Bills of material in SAP Multi-level, storage levels, reference to plant layout incl. changes to bills of material
    • Variant BOMs
  • Workplace and work schedule
  • Assembly planning and planning of shoring sequences
  • Classification and Classification System in SAP
  • Main processes in ERP: How do requirements arise?

For whom is the seminar particularly interesting?

  • User PLM in daily business
  • Team leaders and employees in the product development process
  • PLM Business Consultants
  • PLM Solution Consultants
  • PLM Enterprise Architects
  • PLM Solution Architects

Duration and costs

Duration: 2 days

Cost: On request

The "Essentials" courses can be booked on a topic-specific basis and customized!

Training form

Seminar with practical examples and workshop parts incl. ensuring successful knowledge transfer.