Methodical Essentials for PLM Experts

We convey the methodical essences of the knowledge domain PLM


Background and motivation

PLM and, in particular, the methodological foundations behind it are becoming increasingly important. The market is increasingly recognizing that a complete and consistent technological product description is the central basis for all data-based business models during the use of the product. This makes end-to-end management of product information the central enabler for the future business process capability of companies.

Seminar Objective

The seminar conveys the essential methodological essences of the PLM knowledge domain for experts in a precise and practical manner. In addition, possible implementation approaches in systems available today are presented as "best practices" for different process patterns and typical problems and discussed in a qualified manner with regard to their strengths and weaknesses.

All topics are selected in a practice-oriented manner and taught in a memorable way.


Day 1:
  • Basics of the methodical PLM theory
  • Essential maps of the system company
  • Structure theory and basics of semantic mapping of the system enterprise in PLM, ERP & MES
  • Structure elements (business objects) and their Lifecycle Management
  • Process handling via lifecycle-enabled structures and the phenomenon of semantic consistency and inconsistency
  • Instantiation in structures, occurrences and absolute occurrences
Day 2:
  • Lifecycle management of product components (mechanical/electrical/software)
  • Product structures and parts lists - interaction and further development
  • Mechatronic parts list in PDM
  • Best Practices BOM Types
  • Variant configuration
  • High Level Configuration, Sales Configuration & CPQ
  • BOM configuration in ETO, CTO+ and CTO
  • Design Automation and Configuration in CAD
  • Configuration for production control
  • Process locations, IT systems and their impact on the configuration
  • Relationship between configuration and later variant formation in the process

For whom is the seminar particularly interesting?

  • In-house consultants in the subject area PLM
  • Management Consultant
  • PLM Strategists
  • Employees in PLM implementation projects
  • PLM Business & Solution Consultants
  • PLM Enterprise & Solution Architects

Duration and costs

Duration: 2 days + coaching + reflection day

Cost: On request

The "Essentials" courses can be booked on a topic-specific basis and customized!

Training form

Seminar with practical examples and workshop parts incl. ensuring successful knowledge transfer.