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RIM Knowledge Webinar: Recognizing and Harnessing the Hidden Value of Data

How can you identify the untapped potential of your data and use it effectively?

How you can use RIM Industrial Data Science (IDS) Extract valuable insights from your IT ticketing system and Resilience against uncontrolled customizing, our expert for Industrial Data Science will show you.

As part of our RIM Knowledge webinar series, we take you on a journey into the universe of data and discover with you the possibilities of RIM Industrial Data Science. Using a practical example, we will show you the value that lies dormant in your data and how it can be unleashed. We also shed light on, how the information can be extracted from the data in such a way that it is actionable and can be used directly for the various decision-making and action areas of a company.

The webinar is interesting for companies that want to get to know our Industrial Data Science methods and learn how to make the value that lies dormant in the data tangible and usable. The webinar is also exciting for companies that want to introduce an IT ticketing system or professionalize it.

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