ERP author of the year 2023

ERP author of the year

ERP-Management magazine, the leading specialist medium for ERP systems in the German-speaking world, names Prof. Fischer ERP author of the year.

ERP author of the year 2023 🌟 

I have to say, I was very pleased to receive the award! It's also exciting how I came to write the articles. Due to time constraints, I had actually YouTube and LinkedIn posts and has refrained from traditional publications in specialist journals since 2016.

However, I kept thinking it was about time, especially since I had set out to formulate a management-explainable level above the large IT systems in companies, i.e. ERP, PLM, MES and CRM.

When Prof. Gronau, the editor, asked me personally if I would like to write an article, I was delighted. When the article became far too long, we agreed on a two-part article.

It was a lot of fun to summarize the topics, and the fact that the article was well received by the readers is of course great. 

Here is the excerpt from the ERP management:

🏆 ERP Author of the Year 2023 🏆 With outstanding specialist articles that attracted the attention of ERP Management readers in 2023, we have chosen Jörg W. Fischer as ERP Author of the Year 2023.

His two-part article "ERP, PLM, MES and CRM - a new perspective - a new universe" and "ERP, PLM, MES and CRM - a look into the future" offers a profound insight into the transforming landscape of business informatics and achieved an extraordinary response. It is therefore the most read technical article this year.

In his article, Jörg W. Fischer highlights the essential role of digitalization, which is forcing companies to question their processes, implement agility and deal with data-based business models.

Part 1 of his article focuses on the "Change in the position of ERP in companies", where Fischer explains the change in ERP positioning based on increased dynamics in master data and its lifecycle management. The previous supremacy of ERP is called into question. 

Part 2, "A look into the future", builds on these findings and examines the future role of MES in the context of PLM and ERP. Jörg W. Fischer takes a methodologically sound look at the future IT system coverage of companies.

You can of course also find the articles in German and English on our website at: ERP, PLM, MES and CRM and ERP, PLM, Measure and CRM Part 2

Have fun reading!

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