Advent calendar in a jar from STZ-RIM

Advent calendar STZ-RIM

As a token of appreciation and to bring back childhood memories, each team member receives an Advent calendar in a jar with 24 surprises.

When was the last time you received an advent calendar?

The Advent season is just around the corner 🎅🎄

If children were interviewed about this, I am relatively certain that 99% of them would say that they are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season. If adults were asked this question, the percentage would probably be significantly lower. The concept of a quiet and contemplative time is clear and well known to us all. However, the implementation of this in reality looks very different, as we often rush from appointment to appointment or from party to party.

The innocent joy of children in the run-up to Christmas is surely still dormant somewhere in us adults too 🤗 How do you tickle it back to life and put the negative aspects of all these obligations to one side for a moment?

We have given this some thought and would like to take our team back to their own childhood, when you couldn't get out of bed fast enough in the morning to see what was hiding in the Advent calendar bag this time.

To awaken the inner child in every team member just in time for December 1st, we prepared an Advent calendar in a jar for everyone, with 24 wonderful things: Sweets from childhood (a Storck giant please, Ms. Lange 🍬), little Christmas poems and messages, a scratch card with the chance to win a Christmas gift budget boost and other little niceties.

With this in mind - here's to filling the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve with a little moment of happiness every morning this year. Merry Christmas, dear team 💖

Would you like to become part of our team? Find out more here: Careers at STZ-RIM - Pioneers of digital performance

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