True Investigations for Industry

Today, many business decisions are made on the basis of gut feeling, regardless of the management level that decides on them.

RIM – Industrial Data Science – True Investigations for Industry

This is despite the fact that Business Intelligence & Data Warehouses have been established for a seemingly endless time and Big Data is already a hackneyed term.

In the meantime, AI (artificial intelligence) and data sciences are the topics of the day.

What do you think? Will the situation change?

Probably not!

Imagine what would be achievable if the return of capital employed in companies could be precisely controlled? What if opinion was no longer opinion but knowledge? This is possible and tangible.

To do this, we need to fundamentally change our perspective. Focusing on tools and technology like AI and data sciences will not solve any problem. It will exacerbate them. We will see a wave of Fake News sweeping through companies. This is due to exploding superficial and not accurately conducted data analyses which are then often already opinionated.

The key is to ask the right questions, to find the hidden levers, to track down the necessary measurement possibilities and points, to analyze correctly even in complex contexts and to create transparency about the degree of quality of the analysis. This is what RIM-Industrial Data Science is all about. Without it you’re just another person with an opinion.

We know the right questions. We know the levers. We are specialized in complex analyses and have powerful methods for quality assurance. In addition, we also have the concepts for the organizational anchoring of Industrial Data Science in your company.

Typical statements from our customers are: „We didn’t know that before“ or „If we had known that then…“.

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