PLM – Asking yourself if you need a new one?

Is it just a gut feeling, but you think you should bring it up in your company? First of all - ask how good you're existing processes are, and if your company doesn't have capabilities that it absolutely must have.

Our thougts about having a new PLM

First of all – ask how good you’re existing #processes are, and if your company doesn’t have capabilities that it absolutely must have.

Sounds difficult? It’s quite simple.

Just use our RIM Fast Process Classification. It is a quick and easy way to evaluate a process slice.

How we did it?

Detail 1: We drew 2×2 diagram. The yellow one (1-above) has the dimensions Complexity (of the process slice) and the (manual) effort it takes today to perform the process. The blue one (1-bottom) has an estimation of what maturity the process slice has and how reliable its execution is.

Detail 2: Now we have combined the two diagrams by turning them towards each other. This creates a space that we can now evaluate with 2 points, one yellow and one blue.

How does it work?

Detail 3: Now it’s your turn. Select a process slice and place a point for it in the corresponding color in the diagram. In Detail 3 on the top right there is the renweal region. If you have to place your points there and if your colleagues evaluate it the same way, then you have some real work ahead of you.

Below you have an example. Let’s think we evaluate the Order to BOM process slice in CTO+ (where the MBOM 100% is generated from 150% E-BOM via the TOS-100%).

Situation A is an assessment that requires immediate action and possibly a new PLM.

Situation B is relaxed. If you assess yourself this way, you can develop your process in continuous improvement.

Don’t evaluate the process slice alone. Go out and ask your colleagues. Have everyone rate independently and put the ratings side by side.

What do you think? How did you like?

It’s just a little excerpt of our methodical Toolset which we call the RIM High Perfoming Method and Knowledge machine.

At any point, no matter what the score, we the stzrim are happy to help you and go far beyond this simple initial assessment.


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