From STO to CTO(+)

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From standard portfolio to highly customized applications - with delivery time and price consistency and automated distribution?

With RIM process patterns, moving from Select-to-Order (STO) to Configure-to-Order (CTO) is much easier than you think!

How do I make the transition from STO to CTO(+)?

With the RIM process patterns, the shift from select-to-order (STO) to Configure-to-Order (CTO) much easier than you think!

Tomorrow - in fact, today - companies must be able to offer highly customized applications in delivery times and at the price of standard products. 

If you don't succeed, you will soon be denied market entry in some markets. Perhaps you already sense that your customers expect more from you. Complex solutions for applications instead of just the necessary components? 

Leaving this subject to integrators and system houses can block these entire markets for you! What if integrators replace your premium products with cheaper and simpler products from market competitors for cost reasons?

Our experience shows that many companies want to move from Select-to-Order (STO), i.e. traditional catalog sales, to Configure-to-Order (CTO/CTO+). That many have already started. What they all have in common is that they find it incredibly difficult. There are a number of reasons for this, which we discuss in detail in this white paper. 

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