Product development: Secure & efficient move to the cloud

The advantages of cloud computing are a component of many companies' future digitization strategy. PaaS, IaaS, SaaS are the three core segments and are increasingly challenging in-house operation. 

In order to select the right technology, subject areas need to be evaluated in greater depth. You can find out what these are in this white paper!

How do I make the move to the cloud?

The cloud - and with it its advantages - has already reached many companies and is also increasingly being integrated by manufacturers into their sales strategy. Users and project managers are faced with the challenge of operating existing applications economically and prefer the model of cloud computing. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are increasingly being included in their system integration decisions. 

However, the use of such operating modes in combination with legacy applications in particular involves a number of risks that must be taken into account in order to ensure stable, reliable operation in the future. In addition, the use in various areas such as medical technology or the automotive and aviation industries must be safeguarded so that the required framework conditions such as certifications are sufficiently given.

What are the considerations for using this mode? We get to the bottom of this question, you can find our thoughts on this in our free whitepaper - simply benefit from our know-how! Please feel free to enter your Contact details in our form, after submitting you will get immediate access to the PDF. 

We would also like to recommend our detailed checklist on the topic of "Using a SaaS application solution", which is also available to download free of charge.

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