Faulty IT applications in PLM

Situation in SMEs - Incorrectly configured IT applications in PLM cause enormous costs and lead to a high risk in your product development!

Why you often only access 30% of the potential of your enterprise software and what you can do about it - learn here. 

How can I analyze my IT applications?

"We've always done it this way!" - Does this saying sound familiar to you? It does to us, too, which is why we thought we'd look for the "why" together with you. 

During the site assessment and analysis of product development processes, we often identify faulty basic settings of IT applications, the origin of which usually cannot be substantiated.

For years, they are not used according to the manufacturer's specifications and often also show a considerable amount of individual adjustments and programming, which are justified on the basis of a wrong way of working.

One example from a Forrester Research study showed that the majority of users use only 20% of the functions of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software use. Another study found that most users of collaboration software use only 30% of the features.

Read our white paper to find out what specific problems this can lead to and how you can easily perform an analysis of your IT applications in product development. Please feel free to enter your Contact details in our form, after submitting you will get immediate access to the PDF. 

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