Self-Perception of Domains

Recently, I came across this hoodie and mug with the inscription: "We don’t do Mistakes, we make Revisions. We are Engineers."

I thought it was so cool 😊 – I think I’m going to buy a bunch of mugs for our STZ-RIM team.

Yet, I’ve been pondering over the phrase and what it signifies. It perfectly encapsulates the engineers‘ self-concept. I vividly remember my studies. Our design professor always reminded us that we didn’t need to make too much effort, for example, only partially drawing the bearings because it was assumed to be clear what was meant.

Now, why does this prevent digitalization? Simply put: This „lazy“ behavior in development implies the expectation that people in subsequent processes will interpret the information correctly. It clearly suggests a reluctance to document and maintain essential information precisely and comprehensively. This, in turn, means that issues are expected to be fixed later in production! The phrase on the hoodie about revisions is a clear invitation to misuse the revision mechanism and deviate from the Form Fit Function (F3)!

Interestingly, this fits perfectly with the self-perception of people in production. They often define themselves by their ability to make everything work, despite adverse conditions, simply because they are heroes. Wanting to be heroes means managing to get everything that was not documented correctly done through rework, inquiries, and organization.

Yes, and then there are the fairies. The fairies that no one knows. No one knows exactly what they do. The fairies‘ task is to process the information generated by engineers so that it can be utilized in Hashtag#ERP. Maintaining master data, making calls to gather missing information, and much more.

I am convinced that if we cannot dissolve this fundamental attitude, digitalization will not work! Yet, the saying is just so great, and that’s how we engineers learned it.

What do you think about this? 🤔 What do you believe is necessary to change the basic understanding? What do you think is still missing in many companies for digitalization? 🌐


If you need support with the digitalization of your company and also with change management, contact us today at STZ-RIM Reshape Information Management. 💡🚀 👉

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